Department of Finance, The University of Economics in Wroclaw

Call for papers

International Scientific Conference, XIII from the series of Conferences

“Fiscal relations: State – Local government”

16th – 17th May 2019, Wroclaw, Poland

The conference aims to exchange views and present the results of research conducted by senior and early-stage researchers interested in the issues of public finance, including in particular local government finance. Scope of topics taken during the conference will include the following research areas:

* Functions of public finance in the territorial dimension.
* The scope of financial independence of local government.
* Rules for dividing the sources of public revenues between the state and local government.
* Strategies for managing the debt of local government.
* The budget policy of local government and the development of local democracy.
* The risk in the local government sub-sector.
* Innovations in local government financial management.
* Prospects for the cooperation of local government with private sector entities.
* Local government and ecology.
* Social justice in local politics.

Publication and payment of the conference fee

Regarding to the legislative changes of the rules for publishing scientific papers by 20.02.19. We will provide you with the proposed publication options and the amount of the conference fee asap.

We are pleased to announce that the Institute Of Public Finance from Zagreb, Croatia became our Key Conference Partner